Many applied, few were chosen. After a difficult deliberation, 10 early-stage fintech companies were selected by a team of judges to compete in this year’s DEMOvation Challenge, to take place in Seattle on March 1. The panel of judges — Scarlett Sieber of BBVA; Sam Maule of Carlisle & Gallagher; Ryan Falvey of the Center for Financial Services Innovation; Matt Wilcox of Fiserv; and Phil Ryan of Bank Innovation — will decide which company is worthy of the “Best in Show” DEMOvation crown at Bank Innovation 2016.

The 10 companies are:

  • Asignio – authentication solution
  • Autobooks – payments and accounting software for Fis
  • Bankfacil – Sao Paulo-based lending platform
  • Dyme – app-based savings tool
  • Ledger Technologies – cryptocurrency hardware solution
  • Obloco – a receipt capture solution for FIs
  • Raistone – digital asset mangement system
  • SayPay Technologies – voice biometrics for digital commerce
  • Sparado – an app that rewards good financial behavior
  • Sweep – personal financial management — but no budgeting!

Congratulations to all the companies on winning demo slots at Bank Innovation, and thank you to all that applied.